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    Dave Kain Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

    I first “met” New York Jazz Guitarist Dave Kain on one of the more popular Jazz Guitar Facebook groups “Jazz Guitar Addiction”! I immediately liked his online persona as a wise cracking, take-no-s*** straight shooter [...]
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    Taylor Roberts Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

    Like many of the Jazz Guitarist I meet today, I stumbled upon Jacksonville resident Taylor Roberts on Facebook. I was very impressed with what I read, heard  and witnessed via his live stream performances. Like [...]
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    Josh Maxey Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

    Josh Maxey is a Denver Jazz Guitar player who shares with us his musical background; how hearing John Coltrane changed everything; his relationship with Jazz  greats Chico Hamilton and Rodney Jones; and how – in [...]
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    Royce Campbell Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

    Royce Campbell is a well-known and respected Jazz Guitarist out of Virginia who – for 19 years – shared the stage with the renowned Henri Mancini as his primary touring guitarist. In this interview, Royce  [...]
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    Michael Gauthier Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

    Michael Gauthier is a popular Montreal Jazz Guitarist and Educator who has been making a living with guitar in hand since the early seventies. In this interview, Micheal discusses the music business, past and present, [...]


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