Peter Mazza Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

New York based Jazz Guitarist Peter Mazza is no doubt one of the many players out there who truly deserves wider recognition. His harmonic and melodic sense is off the charts and his YouTube clips are legendary throughout the Jazz Guitar community. Oh…and he happens to be an extremely nice guy who just loves music, [...]

Young-Un’s: Matt Hespelt Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

Matt Hespelt is a seventeen year old Jazz Guitarist out of Sparta, New Jersey who has embraced the tradition of Jazz as both a player and composer.
In this interview, Matt discusses his “early” years, what he’s doing now musically and how he got to play with Mark Egan of Pat Metheny group fame. I found [...]

Ed Cherry Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

Jazz Guitarist Ed Cherry first came to my attention back in the late 80’s when I happened upon a Montreal Jazz Festival TV broadcast of Ed playing with the late, great Dizzy Gillespie. I immediately dug Ed’s funky rhythmic playing and  single line approach and I’ve been a fan ever since.
In this interview, Ed shares [...]

Peter Leitch Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

New York based Jazz Guitarist Peter Leitch was one of the first mainstream Jazz Guitarists I had ever heard when I first starting to get into this music back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. For me, he was the quintessential Jazzer and while I have yet to see him perform live, it is my hope [...]

Clay Conner Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

Clay Conner is an extremely talented, and very likeable, luthier of fine, quality Jazz guitars out of Raleigh, North Carolina. I originally had the pleasure of meeting Clay back in 2009 at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and was immediately impressed with his down home charm and of course, the instrument that he brought with [...]

Brandon Bernstein Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

I originally met Pasadena, California based Jazz Guitarist Brandon Bernstein at Concordia University in Montreal around 2000. Since then, I have had the pleasure of watching his career move forward, and whether it’s playing with Howard Alden, John Stowell, befriending the remarkable Jimmy Wyble (now deceased), or teaching in both the academic and private realms, [...]

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  • Bill Frisell Reunited With His Faithful ES-175!

    Bill Frisell Reunited With His Faithful ES-175!

    Chances are, if you’re a working musician, you’ve had to sell a prized instrument at least once in your life to pay the bills or to keep from starving.
    There were many occasions when I was younger, that I had to pawn my ‘76 ES-175 D for rent money. Fortunately, I was always able to keep [...]

  • More Jack At 70!

    More Jack At 70!

    Late last month I wrote about how the great Jack Wilkins was going to celebrate his turning 70 in style and in the company of good friends. Well, apparently he did just that! The photo below – thanks to bassist extraordinaire Harvie S – is a fun look at just how celebratory everyone was. This [...]

  • Frank Potenza's "For Joe" And The "A Not So Average Joe" Jazzumentary!

    Frank Potenza’s “For Joe” And The “A Not So Average Joe” Jazzumentary!

    Frank Potenza is a Los Angeles Jazz Guitarist who has been on the scene since at least the 70’s. He was a protege of the late, great Joe Pass and almost as important, Joe’s friend.
    Late last year I received a copy of Frank’s latest project titled For Joe – soon to be reviewed – and [...]

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