Barry Greene Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

If you’re a student of Jazz Guitar, or you’ve searched online to see who is out there in the Jazz Guitar community, chances are you’ve come across a YouTube link or three featuring the great Barry Greene. Barry is a top-shelf educator, player and performer who selfishly gives of his time so that we all […]

David Becker Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

I first heard David Becker on an early ’80’s cassette tape titled David Becker Tribune: Long Peter Madsen. I immediately dug his playing style and compositional approach and was quite excited that I would be talking with him 30 some years later! In this interview, David talks about his career, both past and present, his […]

Jacques Lesure Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

I first “met” Jacques Lesure on Facebook and immediately realized that he was not only passionate about Jazz and Jazz Guitar, but more importantly, his role within that community. Since then, I’ve come to enjoy his philosophizing and while some may consider him to be more than a tad out-spoken, it comes from a place […]

Jon Herington Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

I first found out about Jon Herington when I happened upon a one off album by a group called CHROMA. That band featured an all-star cast of players including co-guitarist Mike Stern and other notable cats! Later on I was pleasantly surprised to see him in the Steely Dan guitar chair. In this interview Jon […]

Peter Mazza Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

New York based Jazz Guitarist Peter Mazza is no doubt one of the many players out there who truly deserves wider recognition. His harmonic and melodic sense is off the charts and his YouTube clips are legendary throughout the Jazz Guitar community. Oh…and he happens to be an extremely nice guy who just loves music, […]

Young-Un’s: Matt Hespelt Interview With Jazz Guitar Life

Matt Hespelt is a seventeen year old Jazz Guitarist out of Sparta, New Jersey who has embraced the tradition of Jazz as both a player and composer. In this interview, Matt discusses his “early” years, what he’s doing now musically and how he got to play with Mark Egan of Pat Metheny group fame. I […]

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  • Rick Stone: A Night To Remember

    Rick Stone: A Night To Remember

    If you’re in NYC on April 27th, 2016, the following from Jazz Guitarist Rick Stone’s website might be of some interest to you. A most definite musical evening paying tribute to a much loved keeper of the flame! From Many of you may may have already heard about my recent health crisis. On March […]

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