John Abercrombie: RIP

Jazz Guitar Life laments the passing of innovative Jazz Guitarist John Abercrombie – who at the relatively still young age of 72 – passed away on August 22, 2017 due to heart failure.

I had the opportunity to meet John a few years ago at the Montreal Jazz Festival and to see him perform. He was an outstanding musician and a warm and friendly individual who – while pressed for time – took more than a few minutes to talk with me. In fact, he was the one who told me to quickly interview Joe Beck, as he was not doing too well health wise. I took John’s advice and called Joe a few days later which resulted in the last interview given by Joe before he succumbed to cancer. Ironically I had been thinking recently of reaching out to John for an interview but sadly, that will now never happen.

My thoughts are with John’s family and friends in their time of sorrow.

For more info on John, please check out this article in the Ottawa Citizen or this article by NPR.

Also, check out Jazz Guitarist Steve Khan’s reminiscing of John over on his Tribute page.

Feel free to comment or share any stories you have in regards to John Abercrombie.



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