Remembering Jim Hall – Jane Hall and Ed Bickert Duo Album

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share some incredible music with you as part of the Remembering Jim Hall Project, a new album entitled, “With a Song in My Heart”. Jane Hall, the love of Jim’s life for 50 plus years, recorded this collection of love songs as a valentine for Jim in 1985. Featuring guitar legend, Ed Bickert, the album is a beautiful collection of standards performed with exquisite artistry.

“At the core of every song, is the most remarkable capacity for listening between Jane and Ed that is sublime. Her overarching musical vision is so alive and vibrant.” – Julian Lage

This album was originally available as part of a unique download offer in one of Jim Hall’s earliest ArtistShare projects. Now the physical CD is available for the first time as part of celebrating Jim Hall’s artistry and life.

You are invited to become a part of the Remembering Jim Hall Project. When you purchase “With a Song in My Heart,” you will have access to exclusive interviews with family, neighbors, musicians, and friends that were closes to Jim. Join us in celebrating this incredible individual.

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